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Halal Recipe Boxes

UK's leading Halal Non-Subscription recipe box with a 5* rating

You can enjoy cooking flavoursome halal meals from £3.56. Each box comes with high quality freshly pre-portioned ingredients, together with an easy to follow recipe card for you to cook great tasting meals to enjoy with family and friends.

We believe having a healthy balanced meal every evening is super important, this is why we introduce 9 delicious recipes every week

Saves you time, Saves you money, Saves you thinking, Saves you food wastage

Our Recipes

Spiced Lamb with Cumin Crushed PotatoesBy ChefThis is a luxurious meal packed full of flavour. We’ve coated our lamb with our special chapli spice blend, then paired it with cumin crushed potatoes that’s enriched with garlic, ginger and red chilli. The minty yoghurt brings a burst of freshness which ties the entire dish together.
Mexican Beef and Peppers with Cheesy Potato SlicesBy ChefThe star of this dish may possibly be the cheesy potato slices - we’ve thinly sliced new potatoes, roasted them, then melted cheddar all over. The perfect side to our spiced mexican beef and sweet peppers. The Creme Fraiche and lime offers a desirable freshness to the dish, so don’t be shy when sprinkling over the zest and spooning the sour cream on top.
Chapli Lamb Burger with Cumin PotatoesBy Chef We’ve created an extra special ramadan recipe here, our take on a burger! We’ve added lots of delicious warming spices to the lamb, paired it with sweet brioche buns and a cooling mint yoghurt then served it with our extra special roast potatoes that’ve been flavoured with cumin.
Tandoori Chicken Breast with Herb Yoghurt and Lemon PotatoesBy ChefI think this tandoori chicken breast tastes on par with a takeaway, yet this dish is a fraction of the price and far healthier. I love a minty yoghurt with tandoori chicken, so we decided to create our own, and it’s the perfect match along with our zesty potatoes and broccoli.
Chicken, Pesto and Spinach GnocchiBy ChefPesto, chicken and cheese is a match made in heaven, and we’ve developed this recipe to ensure it’s quick and easy. We’ve also added a good portion of spinach to provide you with your over 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin K.
Creamy Chicken and Spinach CurryBy ChefWe've used our special spiced pickled blend in this creamy and succulent chicken curry. The spinach in this dish gives an ample amount of nutrients.
Spicy Indian LasagneBy ChefWe’ve put a special twist on the classic lasagne by adding chilli and spices to create a rich and warming ragu. Like our usual lasagne recipes, we’ve bypassed the faff of making a bechamel and opted instead for a luxurious combination of creme fraiche and cheddar.
Spiced Beef Couscous, with Mint Cucumber RelishBy ChefRas el hanout, a warm and sweet spice blend from North Africa is the star of this dish. We’ve brought it alive with chilli, then added a mint and cucumber relish, plus some natural yoghurt, to provide a pleasing freshness to the dish. With whole grain carbohydrates and a healthy portion of protein, this meal will provide you with a generous amount of energy.
Mexican Spiced Fish with Roasted Potatoes and PeppersBy Chef Coating fish in flour prior to frying enhances the delicate texture by creating a crisp and golden outer crust. We’ve lightly spiced the flour here with our mexican spice blend, which goes excellently with the sweet roasted peppers, and smooth cooling sour cream.
Coconut and Thai Spiced Pangasius, with Coriander RiceBy ChefBlack rice is packed full of antioxidants, and the fibre quantity trumps it’s counterpart, white rice; thanks to the high fibre content, this recipe is ideal for anyone looking after their gut health. We’ve flavoured the rice here with lots of aromatic coriander and fragrant lime, which is a perfect match to the richly spiced coconut pangasius.
Spiced Sweet Potato, Coconut and Kale CurryBy ChefWe’ve used our special indian vegetable spice blend here to gently infuse the coconut milk, the coconut milk also adds a richness to the dish, complementing the sweet potato and kale perfectly. This meal is full of nutrients where the sweet potato alone provides more than your recommended daily allowance for vitamin C.
Smoky Vegetable PaellaBy ChefPaella originates from the Eastern coast of Spain in Valencia, where traditionally, it was made outdoors over open flames. To replicate and complement the woodsy flavour of fires, lots of classic paella recipes contain smoked paprika - an ideal match to sweet peppers and salty black olives. Feel sufficiently nourished whilst eating this, as one portion will provide you with 3 of your 5 a day.
Mexican Quinoa One-Pot with Tomato Salsa and FetaBy ChefMexican is one of my favourite cuisines as it ticks all of the boxes - it’s flavoursome, fresh and nutritious. We’ve used our special mexican spice blend here to provide a base of flavour, then enriched the dish with creamy feta and finished with a refreshing salsa.


  • review rating 5  From the concept to the packaging, Halal Fresh provides an excellent service and addresses an unmet need when it comes to busy families who love to eat healthily. I would definitely order again as the recipes we managed to cook were novel and easy to follow. I could not recommend this business more!

    thumb Suraiya Thakor

    review rating 5  Arrived nicely packaged! As a beginner this was so easy to make. Ingredients were very good quality, overall taste was awesome. This saves a lot of we all know time is precious.

    thumb Shakil Shah

    review rating 5  Amazingly easy recipes to follow and super tasty dishes as an end result. I suppose the fresh ingredients are the secret? Honestly cannot fault it at all.

    thumb K Ansari
  • review rating 5  From start to finish I can't fault any aspect of these fantastic halal recipe boxes. The packaging was functional and neat. The recipe cards were super easy to follow and the end product beautifully photographed. But most importantly the food was perfect in quality and quantity. No wastage at all! These were great for me as a working mum with not much spare time on my hands - minimal prep and cooking time and a delicious, healthy meal to show for it! I can't wait to try their new recipes. Thank you Halal Fresh!

    thumb Tazeen Ashraf

    review rating 5  Great selection of meals and the food arrived as expected with all the ingredients separate and packaged well, everything looked really smart indeed! The meals themselves are very tasty and you can see a lot of care has gone into constructing them and making sure the instruction are easy to follow for anyone. If you're looking for something a bit different from the current "big guns" on the market def try out Halal Fresh.

    thumb Kieron-Scott Woodhouse

    review rating 5  Delicious! Practical! Fairly priced! This is a great option if you are looking for healthy, easy to follow cooking recipes! Everything is perfectly packaged with labelled ingredients and the cooking instructions are so detailed you can’t go wrong! Highly recommend this

    thumb Sadia Khan



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