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Spiced Lamb with Cumin Crushed PotatoesBy ChefThis is a luxurious meal packed full of flavour. We’ve coated our lamb with our special chapli spice blend, then paired it with cumin crushed potatoes that’s enriched with garlic, ginger and red chilli. The minty yoghurt brings a burst of freshness which ties the entire dish together.
Roasted Cauliflower and Almond CarbonaraBy ChefThis is our take on the classic carbonara and swapped it for a delicious vegetable dish. When cauliflower is roasted it takes on a caramelized and nutty flavour. The pasta should have a creamy taste and be perfumed with garlic, thyme and lemon. The toasted chopped nuts works wonders with the sweet cauliflower and provides a welcome crunch to the dish.
Beef Sichuan with Fried RiceBy ChefThis is one of my favourite recipes, and here we've paired with homemade picked cucumbers and fried rice, which works perfectly with the savoury beef and sichuan sauce.
Chicken Sweet and Sour NoodlesBy ChefWe’ve paired the classic chinese sweet and sour sauce with juicy chicken thigh, savoury mushrooms and sweet peppers. Rest assured this is a perfectly balanced meal with ample amounts of Vitamin C from the pepper. Add as much chilli as you fancy.
Chicken MilaneseBy ChefChicken milanese is a coated crispy chicken breast served with spaghetti that’s been tossed in a fresh tomato and basil sauce. It’s surprisingly easy and quick to make, filling (but not too heavy) - making it the perfect summer dish when you’re not in the mood for salads.
Peri Peri Beef Enchiladas with Garlic YoghurtBy ChefEnchiladas are a winning meal for everyone - they’re packed with flavour. We’ve given this meal a special twist, instead of the usual mexican spices, we’ve added our special peri peri spice blend, which works perfectly with the savoury mince, garlicky yogurt and sweet peppers!
Creamy Chicken and Mushroom PastaBy ChefA creamy pasta dish never fails to impress. The chicken pairs perfectly with the savoury and rich mushrooms and we’ve added freshly chopped parsley to add a burst of freshness.
Chicken Tikka Pizza with Garlic Mint DipBy Chef Nothing is more rewarding than making your own pizza. Here we’ve created everyone’s favorite with our special tikka spice blend. Here it works perfectly with the sweet vegetables and creamy mozzarella. The cooling garlic mint dip is a fantastic accompaniment to this dish, drizzle it over your pizza slices or use it to dip your crusts into!
Smoked Mackerel, Pesto and Green Chilli SpaghettiBy ChefIf you like smoked mackerel, you’ll love this spaghetti - we’ve paired it with green chilli to cut through the fattiness, the creme fraiche provides a slight tang, and lime lifts the entire dish. An alternative pesto dish that’s full of healthy omega 3 fatty acids and packed with flavour.
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