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Hashweh Lebanese Lamb Mince Rice and Fresh Tomato SalsaBy ChefThis is a staple Middle Eastern cuisine. Known as Hashweh or dirty rice. Full of protein and nutrients making it a delicious mid-week easy meal full of lovely flavours, the whole family can enjoy
Brazilian Stew Plantain Moqueca with Jasmin RiceBy ChefMoqueca pronounced “Mo-KEH-kah” is a Brazilian stew, it has a deep and earthy taste, normally made with fish, but here we’ve paired it with plantain and bell pepper giving it a delicate flavour with the home-made citrus paste and coconut broth
Vegetable Pilau Biryani with Cucumber and Lemon RaitaBy ChefThis popular dish originates from Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. Here we’ve prepared it within 45 minutes without compromising on the taste and used authentic spices, served with lemon raita to add our special twist in enhancing the flavour of this much loved dish
Black Rice with Stir Fry Tofu & VegetablesBy ChefBlack rice known as the forbidden rice because ancient Chinese considered it unique and nutritious that it was forbidden for all but royalty. We often use black rice in our dishes because we love the mild, nutty and chewy flavour and a great substitute for other grains.
Chicken Caesar Salad with Bulgur WheatBy ChefThis is our take on the popular tuna nicoise salad, but here we've swapped with chicken and and used our special sauce and served it with rocket salad
Lamb Kofta WrapBy Chef Make your own lamb kofta wraps with this easy and quick recipe. We’ve used our special chapli spice mix to infuse the lamb, and then served it with sweet cherry tomatoes and cooling mint with natural yoghurt. If you like to spice things up a bit then finely slice the red chilli and add to the wrap!
Miso Sweet Chilli Trout with Coriander RiceBy ChefTrout is a fantastic fish that’s full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Here we’ve added a taste of the Orient by combining the fish’s fattiness with a savoury miso coating, pak choi and a sweet chilli dressing. The rice infused with coriander is the perfect aromatic accompaniment with this fish dish.
Harissa Spiced Quinoa Cutlets with Waldorf SaladBy Chef This is an ideal meal packed with high protein with all the essential amino acids. Full of flavour combination elevated by two different spices from Tunisia to New York that come together beautifully in this historic dish.

Disclaimer: We offer nutritional information that is designed for informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace medical or nutritional advice from a physician or a nutritionist.

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