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Spicy Indian LasagneBy ChefWe’ve put a special twist on the classic lasagne by adding chilli and spices to create a rich and warming ragu. Like our usual lasagne recipes, we’ve bypassed the faff of making a bechamel and opted instead for a luxurious combination of creme fraiche and cheddar.
Shepherd’s Pie with Cheesy MashBy ChefThis is our version of a shepherd’s pie, one that can be made in less than 40 minutes and doesn’t skimp on the flavour! We’ve created a very creamy and cheesy mash by using creme fraiche and two types of cheese. Enjoy this burst of energy. over the ramadan period!
Chilli Lamb MoussakaBy ChefWe’ve put a Halal Fresh twist on the classic moussaka by speeding up the process, replacing the classic bechamel with a combination of creme fraiche and grated hard cheese. Although it’s not traditional, we’ve also added a red chilli for an extra special kick.
Beef Black Bean NoodlesBy ChefHere we’ve paired the classic chinese black bean sauce with meaty beef steak strips, savoury mushrooms and sweet peppers. Rest assured this is a perfectly balanced meal with ample amounts of Vitamin C from the pepper. Add as much chilli as you fancy.
Thai Green Chicken Curry with Bamboo ShootsBy ChefThai curries are the perfect example of flavours working harmoniously. We’ve balanced the rich coconut milk here with the acidity and slight bitterness from the lime, salty fish sauce and sweet mangetout. A simple, quick dish that delivers a great deal of flavour.
Vegetarian Quinoa Chilli, with Cheddar and Creme FraicheBy ChefThis meal is full of fibre and vegetables making it an excellent recipe to promote gut health. If you sprinkle over the cheddar (and the chilli is piping hot), leave it for a couple of minutes and the cheese will melt gently into the dish. A comforting and nutritious dish, that thankfully only uses a single pan.
Feta and Black Bean Vegetarian ChilliBy ChefIn Mexico there’s a popular cheese called queso fresco that’s often used to sprinkle over refried beans. It's creamy and mild cheese that has a pleasant sour note, and although it’s not readily available in the UK, a good substitute that also has the same salty-sourness is feta. Here, feta (and a squeeze of lime) bring the final layers of flavour to our richly spiced black bean chilli.
Roasted Carrot and Coconut Milk DahlBy ChefWe’ve developed our own special dahl recipe - one that’s delicious with lots of nutrients too. The coconut milk in our dish lends a subtle sweetness and richness, the carrots are a welcome textural difference, and the coriander gives the final aromatic layer to the meal.
Mediterranean Vegetable LasagnaBy ChefHere we’ve created a mid-week friendly lasagna recipe. It’s ready in 40 minutes and thanks to our inspiration from the mediterranean, a single serving contains 3 portions of your 5 a day. Also, there’s no faffing around with a bechamel sauce - it’s been replaced with copious amounts of cheese and creme fraiche.

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