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Chicken, Black Bean and Cheddar Quesadilla.By ChefThere are few things better than seeing a quesadilla with a generous layer of melted cheese on top, fresh out of the oven. It’s smokey and delicious from our special mexican spice blend, whilst the black beans give a welcome creaminess, and the slight bitter sweetness from the green pepper brings the entire dish together.
Tilapia, Leek and Lemon Risotto.By ChefRisottos aren’t often described as refreshing, but this recipe is the perfect thing to enjoy when you crave something fresh yet filling. The savouriness of the smoked haddock is an ideal match for sweet leeks, and the lemon provides a welcome freshness to the dish. Feel free to omit the butter at the end, it’s merely a suggestion - instead, a drizzle of olive oil would also be delicious.
Rocket Pesto with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Basil.By ChefWe’ve used our special rocket pesto here to create a simple yet delicious meal. It’s creamy from the creme fraiche whilst the sweet roasted cherry tomatoes and peppery basil lift this dish to another level.
Sweet and Spicy Fish with Pak Choi.By Chef This dish is excellent for anyone looking after their gut health, the pak choi is high in both vitamin A and C, whilst the brown rice provides a healthy dose of fiber. Adjust how much chopped red chilli you sprinkle over the fish, if you like a spicy meal, add it all!
Beef and Tenderstem Broccoli Stir Fry.By ChefThis dish is quick and easy crowd pleaser. Garlic, chilli and ginger give the base note flavours here, perfectly matching the savoury beef and nutty sesame oil. Tenderstem broccoli lends a welcome sweet textural difference to this dish, whilst also being very high in vitamin C.
Jackfruit and Tenderstem Broccoli Curry.By Chef The jackfruit and tenderstem broccoli are perfect vessels for flavours in this recipe - the ample amounts of garlic, our special indian spice blend and red chilli infuse the dish wonderfully. We’ve added lots of fresh herbs too and a healthy dollop of natural yoghurt, to really enliven the dish.
Pesto Chicken Wraps with Tomato and Roasted Potatoes.By ChefSome flavours work perfectly together and here’s an example of that: pesto, chicken, tomato and basil. We’ve added a good helping of mayonnaise too in order to achieve the perfectly creamy texture. Your energy levels will be restored after eating this as there’s a good amount of protein and our side of crispy potato slices will stop those hunger pangs.
Cumin, Spinach and Garlic Spiced Potato Wraps.By ChefIn this recipe we’ve mashed potato and generously spiced it with cumin, garlic and ginger. We then fold through sweet red onions, spinach and coriander, and served it with a dip of cooling cucumber yoghurt. An excellent recipe to replenish energy

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