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Beef, Feta and Ras El Hanout Stuffed PeppersBy ChefRas el hanout is one of my favourite spices and here it is paired perfectly with the sweet roasted peppers, savoury beef and salty feta. Stuffed peppers are a timeless meal and this dish is packed with flavour, yet light and full of nutritional value.
Cheesy Chicken and Spinach Pasta BakeBy ChefThis is our special chicken pasta bake with two types of cheese. It’s filling and warming, yet light and refreshing from the lemon zest and aromatic thyme. The spinach provides over 100% of your recommended Vitamin A and Vitamin K needs, which are both essential to a healthy and strong immune system.
Creamy Chicken and Spinach CurryBy Chef We’ve used our special pickled spice blend in this creamy and succulent chicken curry. The spinach in this dish gives an ample amount of nutrients, so rest assured you’re being nourished
Jerk Chicken Kebabs with Coriander Bulgur WheatBy ChefThis is a fun alternative to the classic jerk chicken. We’ve kept the same flavours as jerk (using our special authentic spice blend) and created a healthy meal that’s packed with vegetables. Additionally, bulgur wheat is an excellent source of fiber and magnese, making this dish perfect for anyone who’s looking after their health.
Miso Sweet Chilli Trout with Coriander RiceBy ChefTrout is a fantastic fish that’s full of lots of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Here we’ve matched the fish’s fattiness with a savoury miso coating and a sweet chilli dressing. The coriander rice is the perfect aromatic accompaniment and thanks to the trout, this dish is perfect for anyone looking after their gut health.
Tomato Tandoor Sea BreamBy ChefHere we’ve coated then fried our sea bream fillets in a tasty tandoor spice blend. It’s paired with a rich tomato sauce that’s finished with a good handful of aromatic coriander and served with white rice. A comforting and familiar dish that everyone will like.
Rocket Pesto with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and BasilBy ChefWe’ve used our special rocket pesto here to create a simple yet delicious meal. It’s creamy from the creme fraiche whilst the sweet roasted cherry tomatoes and peppery basil lift this dish to another level.
Charred Pepper and Basil Risotto, with Crumbled FetaBy ChefThe sweet and smoky character of the charred peppers pairs perfectly with the aromatic basil and salty feta. Surprisingly, peppers are very nutritious with a single portion of this risotto contains over 100% of the recommended daily allowance for vitamin C.
Spiced Sweet Potato, Coconut and Kale CurryBy ChefWe’ve used our special indian vegetable spice blend here to gently infuse the coconut milk, the coconut milk also adds a richness to the dish, complementing the sweet potato and kale perfectly. This meal is full of nutrients where the sweet potato alone provides more than your recommended daily allowance for vitamin C.

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