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Fragrant African Berber Tagine with VegetablesBy ChefThis couscous is specially prepared to the Berber cuisine traditions. Using a special berber spice blend to elevate the taste. The seasonal vegetables contain plenty of fibre and a significant amount of magnesium and iron, which can help fight fatigue which is so common at this time of year.
Lamb Stuffed Aubergine with Pepper & Lemon Infused SaladBy ChefThis dish lends itself to many cuisines such as Turkish, Italian and Greek, here we’ve been inspired by combining them all, and the results are absolutely yummy. Not to mention the health benefits from this purple vegetable
Herby Chicken with Olives and Coriander RiceBy ChefThis is our take on the hunters chicken which originates from France, we’ve added our twist by adding mixed herbs and olives with a ragu sauce making it a truly delicious meal for the family to enjoy.
Beef Black Bean NoodlesBy ChefHere we’ve paired the classic chinese black bean sauce with meaty beef steak strips, savoury mushrooms and sweet peppers. Rest assured this is a perfectly balanced meal with ample amounts of Vitamin C from the pepper. Add as much chilli as you fancy.
Chicken Tikka Pizza with Garlic Mint DipBy Chef Nothing is more rewarding than making your own pizza. Here we’ve created everyone’s favorite with our special tikka spice blend. Here it works perfectly with the sweet vegetables and creamy mozzarella. The cooling garlic mint dip is a fantastic accompaniment to this dish, drizzle it over your pizza slices or use it to dip your crusts into!
Beef Pilaf with Special Blend Spiced YoghurtBy ChefI love an all in one rice recipe, and this was one of our favourite recipes that we tested. It’s savoury and full of flavour from our special beef curry powder. Then the spring onions and our homemade special blended spiced yoghurt provides a final layer of freshness and flavour to the dish.
Chicken Caesar Lemon and Bulgur WheatBy ChefCaesar Salad is one of my favourites, and here is our special twist on it. We've swapped the usual lettuce for rich vitamin rocket, and added lemon zest and juice to the dish, with our secret ceasar sauce to finish of the meal.
Spiced Coconut and Kale Fish CurryBy ChefAromatic and gently spiced, this is a dish full of flavour yet simultaneously it’s very well balanced. There’s healthy protein from the fish, the kale provides an ample amount of protein whilst the brown rice is a good source of fibre. If you like things spicy, sprinkle over the sliced red chilli at the end.
Smoked Mackerel, Pesto and Green Chilli SpaghettiBy ChefIf you like smoked mackerel, you’ll love this spaghetti - we’ve paired it with green chilli to cut through the fattiness, the creme fraiche provides a slight tang, and lime lifts the entire dish. An alternative pesto dish that’s full of healthy omega 3 fatty acids and packed with flavour.
Red Pepper Pesto Rigatoni with Roasted CourgetteBy Chef Here is our extra special red pepper pesto, sweet yet smoky. We’ve added a good helping of creme fraiche to create a creamy and rich sauce which is a perfect match to the roasted courgette and woody rosemary.
Mexican Quinoa One-Pot with Tomato Salsa and FetaBy ChefMexican is one of my favourite cuisines as it ticks all of the boxes - it’s flavoursome, fresh and nutritious. We’ve used our special mexican spice blend here to provide a base of flavour, then enriched the dish with creamy feta and finished with a refreshing salsa.
Aubergine and Chickpea Patatas BravasBy Chef Traditionally patatas bravas are served as a tapas style dish, however we’ve bulked the meal out here by adding cumin roasted aubergine and chickpeas. Chickpeas are an excellent source of fibre, making this dish ideal for anyone looking after their gut health. The combination of potatoes, spicy tomato sauce, and garlic mayonnaise is truly heavenly - a meal perhaps to enjoy greedily in silence.

Disclaimer: We offer nutritional information that is designed for informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace medical or nutritional advice from a physician or a nutritionist.

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