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Salmon and Mediterranian Vegetable TraybakeBy ChefThis is super quick recipe with minimal washing up. It’s packed with vegetables (3 of your 5 a day) and full of healthy omega 3 fats from the salmon. We’ve added an optional red chilli to this dish, so if you like things a little bit spicy then feel free to thinly slice it then sprinkle it over the finished dish.
Feta, Lime and Coriander Corn, with Mexican Black BeansBy ChefIn Mexico vendors sell their versions of “elote”, a popular street food which stars corn on the cob. Here, we’ve created a simple and quick recipe that’s both refreshing and full of flavour. The sweetness from the corn is enhanced by the salty feta, slightly bitter yet aromatic lime and the smoky black beans. Black beans are also an excellent source of minerals and fiber, making this dish perfect for restoring the immune system.
Moroccan Vegetable Turmeric CouscousBy Chef We’ve swapped the regular raisin here for the golden variety, which are fruitier and have a subtle sweetness. They match the spicy harissa perfectly here, and we’ve added some flaked almonds for a toasty and nutty crunch.
Roasted Carrot and Coconut Milk DahlBy ChefWe’ve developed our own special dahl recipe - one that’s delicious with lots of nutrients too. The coconut milk in our dish lends a subtle sweetness and richness, the carrots are a welcome textural difference, and the coriander gives the final aromatic layer to the meal.
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