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Spicy Beef RigatoniBy ChefA classic italian ragu is brightened in this recipe with a healthy dose of fresh red chilli.The rigatoni here is the perfect pasta to serve with a ragu as the ridges of the tubular pasta catches the tomatoey sauce and grated cheese perfectly. We don’t necessarily view canned tomatoes as nutritious, but they (surprisingly or not) contain a good quantity of vitamin C and fibre.
Salmon Spaghetti with Chilli and Creme FraicheBy ChefThis is one of those rare meals that is both substantial yet nutritious. The spaghetti is tossed in creme fraiche and flavoured with chilli, garlic and lemon, which provides the perfect background flavours for the salmon. There’s ample amounts of omega 3 from the salmon too, plus high levels of vitamin K from the spinach, making this an excellent meal to promote a healthy gut.

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